Kapil Sharma at Tawang Festival 2019, Arunachal Pradesh

4 ਦਸੰਬਰ 2019
271 332 ਦ੍ਰਿਸ਼

Watch Kapil Sharma having great time at Tawang Festival 2019, Arunachal Pradesh
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  • Rajad Tokas prathvi raj chohan

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  • Badshah of comedy

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  • This video shows Kapil sharma sir popularity. Proud to be a Punjabi.

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  • Sar main aapka bahut bada fan hun

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  • Hello sir good morning

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  • Budusaranai kapil .🙏🇱🇰🙏

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  • Guys yo tamang festival haina hai its tawang one of the beautiful city of india just like Nepal ko pokhara ma pokhara streets festival hunxa ni testai ho . although there tribes and our tribes are similar . love from NEPAL

  • Nice

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  • Wow paji tusi great ho

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  • Himachal Pradesh per bhi aoo

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  • Awesome festival

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  • Bhagwant Mann in kapil Sharma show plz request 🙏😊

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  • I am thankful to you Kapil Sharma you visited Arunachal Pradesh. This is one of the things that every Indian leader, actor, sportsperson and dignitaries should do, this is our land and they are our people. While China expressly opposes this, China has also objected to the visit of Union Minister of State for Home Affairs. If a person like Kapil Sharma visits Arunachal Pradesh, it gives a clear message to a whole world. This is our place. Thank you Kapil Sharma🙏

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  • Love you From TRIPURA (N.E)

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  • Kapil Sharma is my favourite.

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  • Comedy king 🌹🌺🥰😍 Kapil Sharma we love you sir Kapil Sharma

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  • Awsm video👍loved it 🤗 plz can u invite Z-stars on your show it's a new z pop group. And it consists 14 members from 7 countries. It is one-Asia project by Zenith media contents ❤️. We Indian fans want to watch them on our favourite show..🙏 Z- Star galaxz 👇👍 may be it makes it possible...

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  • I am an atheist Lot of people are dividing us due to religion and caste Please be human

    Abhishek ChauhanAbhishek Chauhan10 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
    • What made you write that in this clip?

      Ankit AnandAnkit Anand10 ਮਹੀਨੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ
  • Originally ....tamang were part of southern tibet ....not india

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  • down to earth no ego you are really great

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  • love you Kapil

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  • Thank u Kapil to visit my hometown......

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  • Kapil bhaiya Mukesh Khanna Ji ko leana plz

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  • Bro Take Interview of Hindustani Bhau(Vikas Phatak(Fatak), Shubham Mishra, Technical Guruji, Carryminati.

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  • Mubarak ho bro sweet daughter come in your family god bless your family and a new member lov u a lots

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  • Kapil sir good morning 💁💁

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  • Kapil you are so funny 😄😄

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  • Kapil is Best 💑💑

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  • Kapil i love you you are my Best hero

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  • Kapil bhaiya this much very wenter so but way temperature

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  • Thodi thad se hame thad nahi lagti

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  • Plz call bhuvan bam on ur show sir🙏

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  • Call Babbu maan on show

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  • Kapil is star in every part of india

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  • Kapil sir ap sunil Grover Kab show par pulaigi

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  • I am fan kapil.ji l.love.kapil.ji

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  • Poori duniya fan hai kapil sharma ki❤

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  • Who else watching him from Pakistan. he is an amazing person. Respect for him

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  • Wow😍

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  • Kapil sir full video lgao Vote kre like karke Full episodes k liye

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  • So nice Sir 👍👌❤️

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  • Kapil u r great...

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  • Kon kon chahte h virat anushka kapil sharma show me aay

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  • Nice state

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  • Kapil Sharma is best where is kbc cable TV Mushaira blue baba and Rajesh Arora.

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  • Love you Kapil

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  • Nice Kapil Sharma vm.tiktok.com/x2CaRX/

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  • God bless you always brother

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  • So nice to see Kapil in the midst of the lovely people of Arunachal !

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  • DR GULATI ko bulau.. Kapil sharma

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  • Thanks for. Kapil sharma show

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  • It's amazing to see another pahaadi culture.. I would love to visit.!!

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  • I love you sir

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  • Love u sir. I'm from RJ kabhi hame bhi khatedari ka moka do. Sir, u r one of the best comedian in the world I'm big fan of u

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  • Northeast is so beautiful...

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  • Kapil bhai aapke number bhejiye Ya fir ab me kya bolu.......8310876245

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  • Please launch your own music album.

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  • Kapil you are a big man now.. :) He is a perfect example of rages to riches story through hard work.. 👍👍

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  • Northeast is peace ✌️

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  • The way you shake hands with that fan💞👍🏻

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  • Actually I am from Tawang Arunachal pradesh

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  • Superstar !

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  • Kya baat h guru ji.......aap hmare modi ji se km ho kya...we really love you Mr. Kapil Sharma. God give you long , healthy, more successful and great life. No doubt whole India proud on you and of course we love you so.......much😘😘😘😘😘✨✨✨✨✨

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  • owsome video

  • Kapil sir 🔥🔥❣️

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  • Lagna v Nahi cahiye ki aap ghar se bahar ho beacouse aap jahan avi ho bo v India ka part hi hai

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  • Kapil sharma name is now become a Brand. Love u Paaji💓

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  • Love you bro

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